Thrive with Dignity & Integrative Wellness Planning

To begin our educational journey, any journey, we first need to define our goal, or intentional destination. As suggested in 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens, we “start with the end in mind.” So, time to get out the map, assess where we each are now, where we want to go, and research which directions we want to take. The goal is to optimize health and wellness, go beyond recovery and enjoy a state of thriving. Thriving with dignity in mind, body, and spirit sounds like a solid goal to shoot for. Preparation for our journey should also include a look into our toolkit for emergencies. I believe practicing to be resilient will help prepare us for the inevitable loops that life tends to throw our way, detours from the plan of action. If we do it right, we will learn just as much from these detours as from the original and revised strategy plans. We may even surprise ourselves and enjoy the growth. Let’s be pioneers together and get started by learning about our consultation services.

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Environment

MindBody Spirit Environment design

Studies of the cannabis plant have taught us the “entourage effect” of its components. The complementary actions of the components, such as cannabinoids and terpenes working together, results in greater effectiveness than the individual components used in isolation. Find our more:

I believe the same analogy can be applied to an Integrative Care approach to health and wellness. Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, and exercise programs, can all complement each other in an individualized strategy formula that works best for you. It is time patients can expect cooperation and collaboration instead of competition among their choices for personal treatment plans. Check out reputable practitioners from a variety of disciplines and keep trying until you find a formula that works.

What is Your Wellness Baseline?

Healthy Behaviors Diagram

One strategy I want to recommend is to reflect and do a self-assessment of the current level of your wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Not only will taking this assessment help you focus on what you currently do well, but also it will give you an opportunity to notice patterns and make decisions on what areas you would like to strategize on improving. Because these areas of health are so inter-connected, we have options to fit individual needs and growth areas. No matter which area/ activity one is comfortable improving directly – the other areas experience improvement via indirect impact. Continue your journey by taking the survey here.

Packing Your Bag


An easy way to increase the odds of successfully reaching your next destination is to do some homework and be prepared. Remember this is not a race that you can hurry through on autopilot. Seek guidance and information before and along the way. Pack an emergency kit by brushing up on your resiliency skills. Know who you can count on for reliable information, support, encouragement, and helping you through tough times. Practice the habits that keep you focused in the right direction of awareness and self-trust. Connect with others on the same journey to learn from each other and laugh with each other. Never underestimate the power of keeping a sense of humor and camaraderie on the journey. For more tips on building resiliency, read 8 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back. If you’d like to share your journey experiences helping others in search of more mojo, please contact us.

Be well and safe travels.

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