Integrative Health – Working Hand in Hand

Last time we discussed the importance of utilizing your resources for health and wellness. Lux Leaf Learning Center is very proud to announce new collaborative memberships and pilot programs with patient groups and providers of patient services within Colorado Springs, across the state of Colorado, and with reputable cannabis medicine suppliers. This type of teamwork for the advocacy of high quality patient care and products is essential to improving access and affordability to the holistic, non-toxic medicine that is cannabis. Our efforts include promoting cannabis as a therapy most effective when included in an overall health and wellness plan. Education outreach for patients, community members, providers, and policy-makers is needed for reliable medical information and increased integrity of conversation.
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Advocates Joining Efforts – IMPACT Alliance

The IMPACT Alliance is an affiliated 501c4 organization dedication solely to medical cannabis community advocacy.  IMPACT stands for Improving Marijuana Policy and Accelerating Cannabinoid Therapeutics. Lux Leaf is proud to join forces and spread awareness with groups such as Colorado Patient Rights Coalition and Hike for Heroes, just to name a couple. Learn more at: and watch for event postings on our Facebook page such as the Hike for Heroes event held on October 15, 2016 at Palmer Park where we had an information table to share exciting patient care programs that you can participate in to help yourself and improve services for all patients at the same time.

Holistic Practitioners Integrating Health & Wellness

Local Holistic Health Week here in Colorado Springs by proclamation of COS City Council was celebrated October 8-15, 2016. The Holistic Networkers Association membership for Lux Leaf has fostered relationships with like-minded practitioners who are interested in collaborating on vs. competing for patient care plans that are “holistic— treating the whole person, helping the person to bring the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of his or her being into greater harmony, …placing reliance on treatment modalities that foster the self regenerative and self reparatory processes of natural healing…” (Otto and Knight)

One such partnership is with San Miguel Wellness who offer a variety of massage therapies. We recognized an opportunity with Larry Atencio and his team to offer the experience of combining cannabis therapy with these services for another “entourage effect” to benefit patient wellness. It is very exciting to work together with his team of professionals. Watch for their ad or inquire with Lux Leaf to learn more.

Cannabis Policies Based on Scientific and Medical Evidence

In reviewing the policies under which four Colorado Doctors were suspended after being referred to the Colorado Medical Board by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver District Court Judge Jay S. Grant found “…This policy was adopted and implemented without providing public notice and during which no minutes from meetings were taken. Furthermore, the formulation of this policy does not appear to be based on any scientific or medical evidence." Read more at:

Integrative Learning for Medical Cannabis Questions

There is an impressive learning opportunity coming to Denver to educate those tasked with the responsibility of understanding the science and medicine of the endocannabinoid system. November 14-16, 2016, Denver will host the Marijuana for Medical Professionals conference with international experts in the field sharing their extensive knowledge. Find out more:

Colorado Springs Dr. Margaret Gedde of Vibrant Health Clinic will be one of many experienced presenters at the conference. Let’s hope all stakeholders take advantage of this opportunity to integrate knowledge of cannabis medicine and patient care to inform decisions.

October Breast Cancer Awareness

In November, we will talk about the latest evidence regarding cannabis therapy and breast cancer. This subject hits close to the heart of many staff members at Lux Leaf, as we know it also affects most if not all of our readers. We will sort through the evidence and resources of information to help everyone make confident, healthy decisions for effective treatment strategies. Until then; be well and safe travels.

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