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Welcome to an interactive educational journey designed to empower patients and caregivers to make confident choices for health and wellness in order to elevate one’s quality-of-life experience. We’ll discuss up-to-date research in medical cannabis therapy, how to develop targeted treatment plans, integrative wellness therapies that can be enhanced by the use of cannabis, and other patient resources. We’ll also dispel stereotypes and misinformation that are barriers to understanding the healing qualities of this natural, non-toxic medicine.

A Sense of Purpose Grown from Compassion:

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It has been a privilege to join the team at Lux Leaf because we all share a common and very passionate goal: patient-centered excellence in customer service and community outreach. Our passion comes from personal experiences of ourselves and loved ones with the current “traditional” healthcare options. My own journey began while my Mom was in hospice care. I had always hoped to find new ways to ease the suffering she endured throughout her life, but I was unaware of the extent of damage that her long list of prescription medications was causing due to the side effects. She had a favorite joke that between her and my Dad, they could open up a pharmacy of their own. I also witnessed the dying of the light inside her as the morphine took over her senses. She deserved better than disorientation and fear as she passed to her next journey. Everyone deserves the best medicine available, and families deserve the truth to base decisions on.

Reliable Resources:

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Having spent the past 6 months relentlessly pursuing the truth about cannabis, I have built up a library including peer-reviewed resources such as:

And the list grows...

By chance (or perhaps divine guidance) I came across a documentary about cannabis medicine.
Bad Seed: A Tale of Mischief Magic and Medical Marijuana (2013) can be watched on Hulu at This was the first time I saw a historical timeline of the comprehensive story and explanations of the motivating factors leading to published misinformation.
So how does one sift through all the opinions and information there is to be found? We need to not only follow the science, but also, follow the money. Follow the sources of funding for current research studies and be aware of conflicts of interest.

The Destination is the Journey:

The pursuit of knowledge continues every day. Our goal with the Learning Center blog is to share and learn with patients for patients. Let’s build an accessible knowledge base TOGETHER and learn to thrive. We’ll examine both prescriptive and preventative care studies to assist patients in developing their individual optimum wellness plans, addressing the health of the mind, body, and heart. It’s time to become experts in the science, the application, and the art of integrative wellness.

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